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The iPad Mini

As with so many Apple products, I didn't think I wanted one...until I saw it.

SwiftKey is another feather in Android's cap

Despite being an avowed Crackberry addict, Android based phones are begining to turn my head somewhat. (In particular I'm ratther taken with the Galaxy S3.) Critically, the ecosystem is growing hugely with some very attractive hardware and software coming...

Why I'm not rushing to update to Mountain Lion

Over the weekend Apple updated OSX from Lion to Mountain Lion. As far as I can tell, the main thing this update seems to have going for it is the price, a mere £13.99. There is also a new notifications element, which replicates a feature many of us are...

Looks like Apple has won the patent wars

Ina Fried is reporting on AllThingsD that Apple have won a court ruling to stop the sake if the sale of "Samsung's Galaxy Nexus or any other product that is “no more than colorably different” and infringes on the Apple patent in question." The Apple patent...