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Why I'm not rushing to update to Mountain Lion

Why I'm not rushing to update to Mountain Lion

Over the weekend Apple updated OSX from Lion to Mountain Lion. As far as I can tell, the main thing this update seems to have going for it is the price, a mere £13.99. There is also a new notifications element, which replicates a feature many of us are used to from iOS, and Messages, to which the same applies.

Why I'm not rushing to update to Mountain Lion

Apart from that there doesn't seem to be too much going on. Most comments I've got from people go along the lines of "there are lots of little improvments from accros the operating system", which is fine at the price, but hardly very excting. I'm not convinved that I want my laptop to be more mobile-like either.

My biggest concern is that new security app Gatekeeper is going to burn devs and dowloaders alike for a while, as people have to fiddle around to get to certain apps, and devs have to make updates to get verified. This will though obviously be corrected over time, and may actually work out better for consumers in the end, as we have increased confidence in what we are downloading (away from the already verified app store.)

The other objection I have may sound silly, but hear me out. The name. Mountain Lion. If you're going for the big cat series of names, it feels like Lion should really be the ultimate. In a way it is. The fact that this download is called Mountina Lion, shows that this is a mere tweaking, not a significant change as Tiger to Leopard was.

There could have been an update to tweak some of the problems with Lion, paid for uprades of individual features such as Notification Centre, and Lion left as king of the jungle while Apple Engineers work on OS XI.

This upgrade though seems simply designed to gets a little more cash coming into Apple, and tie people into the ecosystem even more. As it is so cheap I'm sure I'll download it at some point, but it's hardly exciting me like Lion did.